Eagles Wings CD



Strong & Constant Come to the Water
I Thank my God The Fullness of God
In God Alone Trinity Song
Eucharist Song Eagle’s Wings
Deep in the Spirit Living Water
Be Still, My Friends Morning Praise
My Soul is Joyful Zephaniah’s Song
Hymn to Christ Renewal Song
The Wonders He Has Done This Blessing Cup


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The Galilee Song CD


Track Listing


The Galilee Song Acceptable Time
His State Was Divine Hand of the Lord
Everything I Possess Truly Yahweh
My Help Shall Come My People
Springs of Salvation Psalm 131
Prayer from Colossians Blessings on the King
Something That We Have Seen It Is Good To Give Thanks

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Rising Moon – CD



Three-CD Collection of sixty-six scriptural antiphons from the
Liturgy of the Word for the Sundays of Year B.
An ideal resource for private or shared prayer.

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Scripture in Song – Music Accompaniment Book



Full Accompaniment folio edition, including instrumental parts and harmonies (240 pp) for the collections:
  • Eagle’s Wings
  • Galilee Song
  • Rising Moon

As well, this edition contains helpful suggestions for use of each song in worship settings.

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Kindly Light – CD


Lead, Kindly Light! Into Paradise
The Morning Canticle The Cross of Christ
Faithful Cross Rivers of Babylon
Flame of Glory Welcome Home!
The Blood of Christ Song of Simeon
Bound in Truth The Christ Light
Let us Glory in the Cross Like Burning Incense
The Exultet (Star of Morning Fire) The Evening Canticle




Eucharist – Participating in the Mystery – Book



Ideal resource book for a deeper understanding of the Eucharistic ritual. What did the Last Supper mean for Jesus himself? When Jesus and the disciples gathered for a religious ritual, what did they imagine it was about? What is the Acclamation after the Consecration so important? How do the Gospel stories of the Feeding of the Five Thousand help us understand the origins of our Eucharistic ritual? Available in quantity at special prices for group study and reflection.