1. Thoughts of Summer


2. My Loved One


3. The Call


4. The Love We Need


5. Jesus Sings the Blues


6. Trusting in Your Will


7. Woman of the Sacred Heart


8. The Anointing


9. Live the Gospel


10. Holy One


11. Sitting at Your Feet


12. Song of Communion


13. For Your Love


14. Night Prayer


The 14 songs on the album have a wide range of uses. Some are ideal for personal reflection and prayer or for retreat experiences. Some are ideal for liturgical use (eucharist, ceremonies of commitment, healing rituals, reconciliation, marian feasts).

Instrumental versions of all the songs are provided on a second CD. This is ideal for communities who lack musical accompaniment, or for use within liturgies as ritual music or meditative accompaniment.

A music resource book (including keyboard, guitar, and instrument parts) will be available soon. For sheet music of individual songs, click on the "contact us" tab below and email James Maher or Chevalier Institute.