1. Wilderness-Road


2. Lord Make Us Turn To You


3. Born Anew


4. Fully Alive


5. You Are Our Home


6. Moving Forward In The Spirit


7. Come Creator Spirit Come.mp3


8. Two Hearts Of Love


9. Alive To Your Love


10. Called By The Father


11. There Are No Words


12. The Everlasting Way


13. Christmas Grace


14. Autumn Easter


songs of hope, loss and transformation.

Hidden within the world

Hope and transformation usually come through our experiences of loss. What need is there for hope if life is always good and things always go well? It is the experience of loss and suffering which makes hope necessary. Life, at times, is a very painful mystery, but if we are open to it, loss and suffering will transform us. We will become more loving and more free. The dying that is involved can bring about the rising, or the birth, of a new self. It is the work of grace, and our cooperation with it. It is the story of Jesus.  

Hope is the small flame that burns in the darkness, when every reason for it to be burning is gone: ‘the softest flame, almost unseen, burning without a cause’. It is not something we can generate on our own. It is a gift from beyond.

James Maher msc

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Hidden within the world - Instrumental mp3s

Music Scores

Drums and Bass Guitar Scores: Hidden within the world - Scores

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